Frugal living is all about making choices.  What are your needs, wants, and goals?  Being frugal doesn’t mean spending no money (after all, you need food to survive); it just means spending money in the right places for you.  My goal in life is to travel the world and experience every culture possible.  I also want to invest for my retirement, have backup funds, and never pay interest other than my mortgage.  To do all this, I save in other areas.  I would much rather go on vacation than frequently eat in restaurants (including fast food).

Frugal is not the same as cheap.  I don’t want cheap furniture, clothes, etc. that will need to be replaced soon.  That ends up costing more in the long run.  I buy quality furniture to last a lifetime.  I buy decent clothes at good prices, and I take care of them to help them last longer.

I will detail how I spend and save my money, and I hope it gives you some great ideas!  I have never lived paycheck to paycheck.  When something breaks or needs maintenance, I take care of it without worrying if I’ll be able to eat.  I fill up my gas tank whenever I have a quarter of tank left, and I don’t wonder what I need to give up for gas money.

So, start thinking about your goals.  I’ll try to help you save in other areas to reach your goals.

Enjoy and good luck!

Linda 🙂

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