Season of Change

So, apparently, I’m in a season of change!  My wonderful, old, tube television died last month, and I replaced it with an okay flat screen.  Two weeks ago, I switched electric providers.  This week, I discovered that I finally need to replace my 16-year old air conditioner and heater (I’ve been expecting that news for a few years).  Yesterday, I found out that I need to switch banks.

When I had my heater maintenance this week, I received the news that my system has more problems than it already had.  My technician already knew that it had issues since he made some repairs last summer.  Last summer, we joked that I keep hoping every year for another year of use.  This time, my tech (great guy) brought a co-worker with him.  The guy he brought with him is in sales (as well as maintenance).  He gave me a rough estimate of the replacement cost (about $8,500 which includes a cash discount and current customer discount).

So, now I get to research A/C brands to make sure I want the one he suggested (which is different than the one I have).  I also get to contact several companies for quotes.  Fun times.

I’ve had the same checking account for about 20 years.  The name of my bank has changed many times because of buy-outs, but my branch location has remained.  Well, I’m ending my long-term relationship with the bank.  I saw it coming though, and I’m prepared.  I’ve seen many changes in the last couple of years because of the latest buy-out.

Yesterday, I received information about their new accounts (effective March 22, 2019) and how they differ from the current accounts.  There are going to be fees!  No thank you!!  I have a money market account with a local credit union, and I’ll be adding a checking account there this weekend to replace my current checking account.

I have almost all of my monthly bills automatically deducted from my checking.  I don’t have my credit card on auto-pay since I check it every month before paying it in full over the phone.  Last night, I changed three of my monthly bills to automatically charge my credit card.  They don’t charge a fee for it, and I’ll earn cash-back rewards.  Bonus!  I thought about doing that a few months ago, but the little bit of rewards (1.5%) wasn’t worth the effort.  Changing banks to avoid fees makes getting the rewards worth the effort!

One of my monthly bills won’t allow auto-pay via credit card.  My semi-annual (automobile) and annual (home) insurance don’t allow credit cards either.  I have to call one monthly account to check about switching since I didn’t even have the online option to change my auto-pay’s bank.  I probably won’t be able to switch my mortgage’s auto-pay to a credit card either, but I’ll find out.

The timing is really funny since my part-time job is finally offering its employees direct deposit.  I’m glad I didn’t have a chance to give them my information before I found out I’m switching banks.

I have never been a big fan of change.  I’m getting better with it though.  Everything happens for a reason!  At least some of my changes are saving me money.  Are you going through changes?  If so, are they saving you money or costing you money?

Linda 🙂

2 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. I am able to charge my automobile insurance with Allstate. The one problem with being a homeowner, is that it costs money to maintain your home. The good news is that, after your mortgage is paid off, it is YOURS! 🙂 It is just frustrating when everything happens at once. It is always better to have a rainy day fund, so when it pours, you are ready! 🙂

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    1. Exactly!! I’m very thankful that I have a rainy day fund! But, I worked hard to get there. That’s why I want to teach that important info to others. I’m prepared for unexpected expenses and lapses of paychecks. I’m super excited that my mortgage is almost paid off. Property taxes and repairs will be MUCH cheaper than rent.


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