Free with Purchase

When a store offers something for free, do you notice if a purchase is required?  I do notice that it varies.  For example, many places offer deals on certain days throughout the year such as Tax Day, Pretzel Day, Pizza Day, Donut Day, etc.  On National Pretzel Day (April 26), some stores are offering free pretzels with no purchase necessary.  That’s great!  Most stores require a purchase.  That’s not so great.

If you must make a purchase, is it still a good deal?  Would you have gone to the store without the deal?  Would you have gotten something else if it weren’t for the deal?

Generally, I don’t make a special trip for a deal because of the extra time and expense (i.e. gas) of going.  If I’m already going past a place, I might make a special stop.

Last year, I decided to treat myself to a Tax Day deal on my way home from work.  I knew I had to make a purchase, but I didn’t know the prices because I’ve only been to the restaurant twice in my life.  I knew that I might walk away with nothing if it wasn’t a good deal.  For this deal, I got a free sandwich with a purchase of chips and a drink.  I don’t buy chips or drinks at fast food restaurants.  I looked to see how much it would cost.  I then noticed that it was cheaper than buying only the sandwich at regular price.  So, I had a decent meal for a decent price.

I decided not to take the deal this year.  After all, I didn’t love it last year.  I saved money this year!

Have you had some good freebies?  How much did you end of spending to get free stuff?

Linda 🙂

2 thoughts on “Free with Purchase

  1. Many places definitely do this just to bring in business and new customers who would otherwise not come in, like you pointed out! I love free stuff, but there tends to be a catch. I like the email sign ups for birthday freebies. The Habit Burger Grill gives a free burger, no extra costs!

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