Loyalty Programs

Even though I’ve always enjoyed my privacy, I’ve always had grocery memberships so I can get discounts.  Reward programs have been popping up everywhere though!  Have you noticed?  Are you taking advantage of them?  I’m definitely signing up for more of them because of all the benefits I’ve received from the few I’ve had.

Grocery stores: These discount cards have been around forever.  You pretty much need to get a card for any store you visit where you live.

One of my grocery stores has an annual Monopoly game.  I usually play even though I no longer visit often (ever since a buy-out several years ago).  Even though I haven’t won the big stuff, I have received free food from the instant winner tickets.  In fact, this year, I won an unbelievable amount of free food!  The picture shows only some of the free stuff that I won from Monopoly.  Some tickets offer coupons, but they’re not normally for stuff that I buy.  Considering all of the free food that I won, I don’t understand why people don’t collect their tickets at the register.  After all, they don’t have to play the game, but they can still win coupons and free stuff!

One of my grocery stores has a survey code on the receipts, and I enter the sweepstakes in an attempt to win the money.

Restaurants: More restaurants seem to be offering loyalty programs, and some are awesome!  Many years ago, I became a rewards member at a particular restaurant that my dad & I visit regularly.  We’ve received hundreds of dollars of free food because of it!  In the last year or so, I started joining several others, but they’re not as generous, and many have points that expire too quickly.

I also enter the sweepstakes on restaurant receipts.  Not only can I win money, but many restaurant managers reprimand servers who don’t receive positive surveys.  Plus, I get coupons when I join the e-mail list.  Even if you don’t sign up for the loyalty program, the e-mailed coupons can be very good!

Retail stores:  I’ve started signing up for more of these even if I don’t think I’ll meet the requirements for getting a reward (because of points that expire).  Over the years, I’ve definitely saved so much money on stuff that I was buying anyway!

Some stores offer a large amount (i.e. $5,000) of sweepstakes money for doing a short survey.  Yes, please!

It’s amazing how easy it is to get discounts and free stuff.  Are you ready to enjoy the loyalty perks?  Just remember, you’re only saving money if you were already planning on buying something prior to the discount.

Linda 🙂

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