Made the Switch

Well, I finally made the switch to a smartphone for my personal cell phone.  There was a deal that I just couldn’t refuse.  I miss my dumb phone though.

Not only did I like my phone, I loved my plan that I’ve had forever.  It was only $30 per month.  As you’ve been able to see on my monthly expense updates, it’s been about $39 after taxes and fees.  That was super cheap compared to everyone I know and compared to most plans I’ve seen in recent years.

Even though I don’t want to be more involved with my internet company, I now have their mobile plan.  For internet customers, they offer two mobile plans: $45 unlimited data and $12 per gig.  Here’s the cool part: 100 megabytes are free.  On my work phone, I’ve only been using 40 mb of data per month.  That means my new cell phone bill will be about $2 per month because of taxes!  I’m super excited!  If I happen to go over 100 mb in a month, $14 is still much cheaper than $39.  Of course, I adjusted the settings to prevent me from going over my free limit. 😉

I finally made the switch because of an e-mail I received that phones were on sale.  Many phones included a $250 gift card rebate that new customers will get after a couple of months.  The cheapest qualifying phone was $500, and I’m not willing to spend $250 for a phone.  Certain phones included a $100 gift card.  I was able to get a $180 phone which really only costs $80 because of the rebate.  Yes!!

The cost of switching will soon be recouped with my $37 monthly savings.

They had a case and screen protector on sale, so I didn’t need to go to the mall to buy them, and that made me happy.  The new phone fits in my current carrying case which was really exciting.  Plus, I can use the same chargers I already have.

People definitely need to think about cell reception when considering another provider.  I’ve never had good cell reception in my house (from any provider).  My new cell is no worse than my old one, so that’s good.

When was the last time you looked at what competitors are charging for cell service?

Linda 🙂

One thought on “Made the Switch

  1. Starting in April of 2020, the company decided that everyone would pay the $12 minimum regardless of the amount of data used. I’m disappointed about not getting 100 megabytes of free data every month, but it’s still cheaper than every other cell provider.


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