I try to be efficient whenever possible since it saves both time and money.  This is especially true when I run errands.

If I’m going to more than one place in a day, I will think about the best route to take in order to attempt a circle without having to backtrack.  I will also try to make as many right turns as possible.  After all, I use less gas when I spend less time in my vehicle.  Sometimes, my route will be a little weird if I’m getting cold groceries.  Unless I’m getting dairy products, I will sometimes take a cooler so I won’t have to go back home.  I can usually plan my route so the dairy place is my last stop.  I do occasionally drop dairy off at my house on the way to my next stop since the places I go are both east and west of my house.

Last summer, my dad and I were eating dinner, and he mentioned that he needed shorts.  We were on the other side of town, and we were right by a store that has quality, affordable clothing.  I suggested that we go so he wouldn’t have to drive all the way back on another day.  After dinner, we walked over for the shorts, and it’s a good thing we did because they were on sale!

When I need something that I’m not in a hurry to buy, I try to wait until I also need something at a nearby store.  I basically treat shopping centers like outdoor malls.  I park once and walk from store to store.  I like the exercise, and I use less gas.  It’s the best of both worlds, especially when the weather is nice.

I have almost everything I need in a 2-mile radius.  One day next week, however, I’ll be running some errands that are further away.  I’ve already planned on the four stops I will make while I’m in the other city.  I generally go all the way over there a few times per year.

Are you efficient when you run errands, or do you zigzag?  Do you think you could save time and/or gas if you took a minute to plan your route?  Do you leave your house for just one errand or one item, or do you wait until there is more?

Linda 🙂

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