Terms of Sale

It’s important to know what you need to buy in order to get the sales price.  A long time ago, people had to buy two of something when it was advertised as “2 for $1.”  Now, most stores will sell you one of the items for $0.50 unless the ad specifies that you must buy two.

A popular sale that stores have been offering requires that you buy eight or ten products, and you then get a certain amount off of your bill (like the photo).  I hardy ever use this sale since most of the products in the sale are not my right price.   If one or two items are the right price, they tend to be perishable and not freezable.

When I was buying chili using this deal, I ran into one of my dad’s neighbors.  He was shocked to see ten cans of chili in my basket.  He commented that I didn’t need to buy ten of them.  I told him that the terms of this particular sale did require it.  None of the other products were the right price, and chili will last in my pantry.  I wonder how many times he’s purchased something thinking it was a certain price but paid more.  Of course, he might not even pay attention to prices.

Some store sales force you to buy in multiples (i.e. 5, 10, 15).  If you have to buy in multiples of five and want to buy six items, that sixth item in not on sale.  That’s annoying.  I obviously don’t buy the sixth item.  One of my stores frequently offers a sale for “4 or more.”  That’s fantastic.  First of all, four is normally easier than five or ten.  Plus, I can buy five, six, or however many I want over four, and it’s all on sale.

Some coupons force you to buy two items.  So, I save $0.50, but it’s only $0.25 per item?  That’s not much of a discount.  If something is also on sale, I can use those coupons as long as my unit price is the right amount.

When I’m looking at grocery ads to create my shopping list, I have to pay attention to which sizes are on sale.  Cereal is the biggest culprit when it comes to bad sales.  I’ll see a price and get excited, but I’m disappointed when I see the size.  When it is the right price, it’s time for me to stock up!

Do you pay attention to the terms of sales, or are you disappointed at the register?

Linda 🙂

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