Sweet Treats

I try not to buy candy, pastries, and other sweet stuff because of my hypoglycemia.  Fortunately, I’ve lost my sweet tooth over the years.  I really don’t want to become diabetic, and my hypoglycemia makes it easier to get diabetes.  Plus, I don’t like the extra fat and money involved with eating sugary items.  I do occasionally want something though, so I figured out alternatives that are a little bit healthier and cheaper.

Chocolate milk: This is probably my most satisfying dessert.  I don’t buy if often, but I love when it’s my right price of $0.99 for a half gallon.  I can’t drink regular milk straight, but chocolate milk is so good.

Fruit: This is an extremely satisfying dessert.  When I buy grapes on sale for the right price, I pluck, wash, and freeze them.  Whenever I’m craving something sweet for dessert, it’s so easy to eat a few from the frozen container.  I like other fruit too (especially cantaloupe and honeydew melons), and I’ll buy the other fruit when it’s on sale.  Frozen grapes are the most convenient, and I can snack on them year-round.  I’ve found frozen fruit bars (store brand) that are very good.  Pomegranate bars are my favorite, but strawberry is also excellent.  I tried freezing strawberries on my own, but they didn’t turn out very well; they’re too hard to eat immediately from the freezer (unlike grapes).

Cereal: Sugary cereals that I shouldn’t eat for breakfast make pretty good desserts.  Unfortunately, I’ve realized that I can’t eat this after dinner because it disturbs my sleep.  I have to eat it after lunch if I’m wanting something sweet in the afternoon.

Ice cream: While this is very satisfying, it’s definitely my least healthy even though it does provide extra calcium.  I try not to eat ice cream very often.  I really like the store brand ice cream sandwiches when they’re $0.99 for a box of twelve.  Last month, my favorite container of Dutch chocolate ice cream was on sale for the best price ($2.99) I’ve seen in many years.  Unfortunately, I binged on it since it’s been so long since I’ve had it.  I’ll do better with the one I bought this month (for the same price).

Do you have a sweet tooth?  How do you manage it?  How much money do you spend on sweet treats?

Linda 🙂

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