Dry Cleaning

I have never really understood why people have their clothes dry cleaned. I haven’t purchased clothes in a few years, but I always paid attention to the labels because I tried to avoid anything that said dry clean only. There were some dresses that I didn’t buy for this reason.

I understand two ways to look at the money wasted on dry cleaning.  Let’s say you pay forty dollars for a shirt.  How many times does it take before you’ve spent another forty dollars on dry cleaning?  Would you rather keep cleaning the same old shirt, or would you rather have a new shirt?

Another way of looking at the wasted money is figuring out how much you’re willing to pay for a shirt.  Would you buy the same shirt if it were eighty dollars?  Would you pay $120?  Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing by having it dry cleaned.  I would much rather buy a forty-dollar shirt that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.  I certainly wouldn’t spend $120 for a forty-dollar shirt.

Of course, I wouldn’t pay forty dollars anyway.  I waited for sales so I could pay fifteen to twenty dollars.  I believe in buying quality clothes because they last longer, but I’m a firm believer that they are overpriced.  I always waited for quality clothing to be on sale because value is important to me.

Since so many people are working from home this year, many people have saved money by not having any clothes dry cleaned.  I wonder how many people have noticed how much money they’ve actually saved.  The same goes for coffee.  I wonder how many people have noticed how much money they’re saving by brewing coffee at home instead of getting expensive coffee on the way to work.  Many are also saving so much money eating lunch at home instead of going out for lunch.  I hope the ones who have noticed the savings start taking their lunches to work once they go back to the office environment.

Have you been working from home this year?  Have you realized how much money you’re saving on all of the little things like dry cleaning, coffee, and lunch?  All of the little things add up to big money!

Linda 🙂

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