Breakfast for Dinner

Dinner is definitely my most expensive meal of the day.  Sometimes, I save money and have breakfast for dinner.  However, I’m not talking about cereal or grits that I normally have for breakfast.  I’m talking about eggs and other hardy items.

I was pretty excited when I realized that I could scramble eggs in the microwave.  Several years ago, I learned how to cook bacon in the microwave.  I’m only able to do that when I don’t need to save the grease (for cooking eggs and hash browns).  I don’t cook as much bacon as I used to because prices increased, and it’s not good for my acid reflux.  I’ll get it every once in a while, but it has to be within my price range.  I was out of bacon grease for over a year.  I had to use butter when I first started scrambling eggs in the microwave, and they just weren’t as good.

This year, I started eating breakfast for dinner on a regular basis because there have been so many amazing sales on eggs for the past year and a half.  I used to get a dozen for $0.99 on a regular basis.  Then, I started regularly getting a dozen for $0.78.  Then, I was getting eighteen eggs for $0.99.  Amazingly, a dozen eggs started being on sale for $0.29!  Last month, I bought four dozen eggs.  The first two were $0.29 each, and the last two were $0.49 each.  So, I ate two dozen last month and two dozen this month since I eat two eggs at dinner.

Of course, I’m not just eating eggs for dinner.  I do eat a full meal since I’m unfortunately used to dinner being my biggest meal.  I finished an old container of microwavable potato flakes.  Then, I bought more flakes because they went so well with the eggs.  I don’t eat a vegetable with eggs because it seems weird, but I do at least have my nightly salad.  Last month, I made hash browns since I bought a five-pound bag of potatoes for $0.79.  Those were a nice treat; I almost forgot how much I love my hash browns even though they’re more time consuming.  I occasionally have a rice side instead of potatoes, and the chicken fried rice is especially good with eggs.

Once I get used to eating so many eggs, I miss the convenience of not having to decide what to cook for dinner.  Earlier this week, I actually had to consider what was in my pantry and freezer.  I don’t have food cravings like most people, so it takes a little time to make the decision of which meal combination I feel like cooking.

Do you ever enjoy breakfast for dinner?

Linda 🙂

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