Monthly Spending – January 2022

Here are all of my expenses for the last month!  I researched electricity providers because my three-year contract is expiring.  I was pleasantly surprised that my renewal offer was actually better than the rates new customers are offered.  Another company had a plan close to my offer, but I signed another three-year contract with my current company.  I called my internet company because a promotional discount is expiring.  I was disappointed with the offer I accepted, but my bill will be lower than it would’ve been had I not called.

I paid my 2021 property taxes even though I likely won’t be able to itemize under the current tax law.  I’ll continue paying my taxes in January so I’ll be prepared for tax changes.  Once the standard deduction is lowered, I can pay the current year property taxes before the end of the year to claim two years of property taxes on my tax return every other year.

I noticed small price increases on a few items.  I decided to stock up on most items before their prices also increase.  Plus, there were a couple of good sales and coupons. My bulk spending included three cans of beans, six bottles of body wash, three loaves of bread, six boxes of cereal, eight cans of chicken, six cans of chili, two and a half dozen eggs, two containers of grits, six packages of pasta/rice sides, three containers of peanuts, two bags of popcorn kernels, three boxes of saltines, fifteen TV dinners, six packages of vegetables, and eighteen bottles of wine.


  • Alcohol                                               57.48
  • Beans (canned)                                1.74
  • Bread                                                  2.55
  • Carrots                                               0.59
  • Cereal                                                 6.90
  • Chicken (canned)                           15.96
  • Chili (canned)                                  5.34
  • Chips (pretzels)                                0.82
  • Cotton swabs                                    6.37
  • Crackers (saltine)                            2.25
  • Eggs                                                    1.85
  • Fruit (bananas, grapes, etc.)         5.49
  • Grits                                                    3.36
  • Home: lawn supplies                     25.56
  • Home: mortgage                              745.83
  • Home: property taxes                    5,098.64
  • Lettuce & tomato                             2.99
  • Milk                                                     1.74
  • Milk (chocolate)                               0.97
  • Mustard                                             0.55
  • Nuts                                                    5.25
  • Pasta/Rice sides                              5.00
  • Peanut butter                                   2.59
  • Popcorn (kernels)                           3.64
  • Potatoes (5 lb)                                   0.87
  • Rice (3 lb)                                           1.89
  • Soap (body wash)                            5.78
  • Soap (face)                                         3.86
  • Software                                            32.44
  • TV dinners                                        12.35
  • Utilities: cell phone                         15.54
  • Utilities: electricity                         32.31
  • Utilities: internet                             45.24
  • Utilities: natural gas                       20.46
  • Utilities: water/trash                      40.38
  • Vegetables (frozen)                         5.34
  • Vinegar (for salad dressing)         1.99

                           Total                        $6,221.91

Linda 🙂

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